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An imaginary journey of self-discovery



Canali Anthology contains testimonials, images, thoughts and the faces of a brand that wants to tell its story through a path made of details, perseverance, care and dedication.

Chasing Beauty

Chasing Beauty, a journey that enables the will to discover and self-discover, directing our gaze towards new horizons.

To admire, desire and seek beauty, is not only to enjoy nature which surrounds us, but to also to appreciate objects, spaces, and gestures which populate our everyday lives.

The Perfect Chord

The songwriter and musician Giovanni Caccamo recounts his daily life; in the same way music seeks the perfect chord, Canali curates and tailors every single detail with sartorial flair, so the garments mirror the unique identity of the man who wears them.


Summer Memories

An intimate Italian summer.

The image of the scenery, the melody of a song, and the memory of an aroma; all permeate the mind with an air of serenity and relaxation that playfully bridges the gap between formalwear and sportswear.

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